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Our Story

The Tequila Collective was started to showcase a collection of Tequila and has since turned into a flourishing community on TikTok and Instagram of people who share a passion for Tequila and who want to learn more about the brands that are producing exceptional products while maintaining the beautiful spirit of Mexico.

Started by Rob Gerard in November of 2020 in order to have a photographic record of his collection, Rob created The Tequila Collective Instagram. With support from his wife, Tay, Rob created a TikTok account soon after with two simple goals in mind. Document his growing collection and connect with other tequila drinkers. In less than two years, The Tequila Collective has amassed over 490,000 followers on TikTok and 240,000 followers on Instagram. As the following grows daily, the focus of The Tequila Collective has shifted towards not only sharing a collection of tequila but educating our followers about the industry, the process, and the brands that we love! 

Moving forward, The Tequila Collective's goal is to continue to educate our audience regarding all things Tequila, showcase the wonderful brands that are committed to making a great product, and share the beauty and tradition of Mexico and its most celebrated spirit. 

Thanks for being here and as always, follow for more tequila tips!

-The Tequila Collective

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